Neurofeedback or Psychotherapy?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you feel anxious or depressed? Have migraines? Or IBS? Do you have problems communicating in your relationships? Do you have difficulty focusing and accomplishing tasks? Would you like to feel better about yourself? Have you been diagnosed with PTSD? ADHD? OCD? Sometimes, even the most motivated person can’t make the changes they want to make, even after years of therapy. Sometimes, even medication doesn’t really do the trick. And there is a good reason for that! It’s because the brain is stuck and can’t shift gears.

Psychotherapy and psychiatry can help enormously to control some of the neurochemical abnormalities of a “stuck brain”, but have not been able of correct the imbalance. When someone has a “stuck brain”, the brain works less efficiently and does not shift states very well. The brain gets fatigued, so it defaults to what is known and patterned because it’s more efficient than spinning its wheels to do something new and different.

An efficient brain shifts through different brainwave states depending on the situation or task at hand. A “stuck brain” may be overaroused and anxious, or underaroused and depressed. People then become stuck in a specific state of arousal, or style of responding, or mood state. Neurofeedback works to enhance brain functioning by improving the brain’s ability to shift states. It trains the brain to increase its ability to adapt by becoming more responsive, flexible and regulated. Then, psychotherapy can be more helpful and medications often time not necessary.

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