The Crisis Kit

Dear mental health practitioner, We have created this Crisis Kit in order to help you help your clients through tough times like these. This Crisis Kit contains five of the most relevant tools from our Positive Psychology Toolkit that you can use to help your clients: 

■ use their mental resources well
■ connect to a place of inner peace
■ become aware of factors within and beyond personal control
■ practice acceptance-based coping
■ remain calm and composed in the face of stress

These tools are all based on scientific research and you will find the references included. They’re also developed to be highly practical and can be applied in many different therapeutic, coaching, and counseling settings.

We hope that you will join us on this mission to foster mental health and well-being wherever we can.

With loving kindness,

Seph Fontane Pennock
Hugo Alberts, Ph.D.

Read on for more information in The Crisis Kit: Surviving Coronavirus

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